April 3, 2024

CTAA Urges Container Logistics Sector To Attend TruckShowX 2024


CTAA is urging companies across the container transport sector in Australia to attend TruckShowX 2024.

TruckShowX provides the ideal opportunity for container road transport operators and others in the sector to hear the latest developments that will contribute to decarbonising freight transport and logistics.

Federal and state governments are actively considering their decarbonisation policies and objectives. Transport interactions through container ports, where the majority of the freight task is urban by nature, will be crucial to moving towards net-zero objectives.

However, we must ensure that governments understand the needs of container transport operators who haul heavy loads and double-shift heavy vehicles regularly to maintain productivity. Future heavy vehicle design, road access conditions, public and private refuelling infrastructure, and a realistic timeframe for transition will be critical.

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