About CTAA

Dedicated, Connected, Better.

CTAA is dedicated to the container transport logistics sector and is a leading freight industry voice across Australia.

Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) is strong Alliance of leading businesses engaged in the container transport logistics industry. CTAA Alliance companies account for the majority of containerised freight handled to/from capital city ports in Australia.

What We Do

Landside container transport logistics is a tough but vital part of Australia’s economy. CTAA offers a dedicated service providing advocacy and business support to the container transport logistics industry on commercial, operational, industrial and regulatory issues.

All businesses in the sector face strategic and operational challenges, including:

  • Improving operational relationships and interfaces between transport operators, stevedores, shipping lines, empty container parks, intermodal terminals, freight forwarders, and importers/exporters.
  • Dealing with an increasingly more stringent regulatory environment.
  • Implementing better health & safety compliance regimes.
  • Adapting to changes in technology to address efficiency and productivity.
  • Countering rising costs and a squeeze on operating margins.
  • Addressing inadequate infrastructure.
  • Addressing inadequate infrastructure.
  • Tackling impediments to greater productivity.
  • Addressing people’s challenges, including an ageing workforce, labour shortage and the need for skills improvements.

Our Values



We are solely focused on the needs of the container transport logistics industry.



We deal with the strategic and operational issues that make a difference.


Results Driven

We bring specific expertise to all issues to achieve positive outcomes.



We maintain confidentiality and honesty in all our dealings.



We are solely focused on the needs of the container transport logistics industry.

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CTAA’s Initiatives Undertaken

CTAA also provides consulting services, support and training opportunities to governments and industry.

CTAA has provided consulting & stakeholder engagement support on a range of government and industry enquiries, studies and reports.

This has included analysis of container logistics chain costs, expert input on supply chain challenges, and stakeholder engagement advice & support.

CTAA’s Port Supply Chain Awareness Workshops and other training initiatives deliver a greater understanding of how the container logistics chain really works in practice.

CTAA’s training initiatives are ideal for government and industry participants who would benefit from real-world information and discussions about the container logistics sector.

Events & Training

Consulting Services

Our Director Logo

About Our Director

Neil Chambers is a leading advocate for the container transport logistics industry.

He has passionately dedicated his working life to making a difference for businesses whose success relies on operational efficiency, safety, and a competent and stable workforce.

Neil’s advice and commitment is respected by big and small companies, governments, and other stakeholders in the transport chain.

Whether deciphering complex legislation into language easily digestible for industry, representing business needs to the highest levels of government, negotiating on issues, or bringing common sense to media coverage, people know that Neil has their strategic interest at heart.

Neil has a reputation throughout Australia as an honest broker and a strong advocate for a better industry.

With a diverse employment history in Australia and internationally in numerous logistics & transport disciplines, Neil has a strong focus on collaborative stakeholder engagement, bringing parties together to achieve positive outcomes.

Neil is a clear communicator, strategic thinker, with strong research and analytical skills.

Niel Circle

“We have the passion and expertise to assist the container logistics chain achieve better productivity, safety, compliance, technology uptake and people development. We draw companies together to tackle the challenges collectively, or work with companies individually to address their needs.”

- Neil Chambers

Director CTAA

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