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CTAA Alliance companies receive timely, professional updates on important issues impacting their business, as well as direct business support, advice and advocacy on commercial, operational, industrial and regulatory issues.

Being a CTAA Alliance Partner opens opportunities to promote and market your services and products to a broad set of container logistics stakeholders. Alliance Partnership is ideal for companies and organisations supplying goods and services to the landside container logistics sector.

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The Difference Between Company and Partner Benefits

The CTAA network consists of CTAA Alliance companies and CTAA Alliance Partners - all collaborating to form a strong voice in the container transport logistics sector.

CTAA Alliance companies are organisations directly engaged in landside container logistics activities and services. They undertake the movement of container to/from Australia’s capital city container ports and associated value-added services such as empty and full container storage, container pack/unpack, biosecurity and under-bond services, warehousing and more.

CTAA Alliance Partners are organisations providing goods and services directly to the container logistics sector.

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